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industry Essay Examples

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Library management system

In one of the first papers on library management systems (LMS) in the UK to be published during the review period of 1991-2000, Arfield 1 describes how the changing economics of computing resulted in staff at Reading University Library wishing to move away from a system shared between various libraries to an integrated library management…

No choice to save land for endangered animals

Nowadays, land supply is one of the critical world problems, which is considered carefully before using that limited land. People transform natural landscapes to human landscapes for farmland, housing, and industry, and it makes many serious problems to wildlife species. Especially to endangered animal, they will lose their shelters and face the end of their…

Analysing Financial Statement of Gul Ahmed Textile Mill LTD

OBJECTIVE: Objective of our analysis is that we are a bank and we will provide loan to Gul Ahmed because Gul Ahmed has applied for a loan, so we are going to check the credit worthiness of Gul Ahmed by analyzing their financial statements in detail to see whether providing loan to Gul Ahmed will…



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The food industry

The food industry and how food is processed has changed dramatically over the past fifty plus years. The food industry is longer run by farmers. It is now operated more like an industry in a factory setting. Foods like chicken and beef are now produced in massive quantities from enormous assembly lines. The popularity of…

Lotus Car Rental

The Lotus Rental Car company is the world’s leading company in a multimillion dollar industry and can take this great opportunity to provide the consumer with alternative options in vehicles by adding alternative fuel vehicles to its fleet in Los Angeles, California, it would be a good move for this company because alternative vehicles like…

Food Adultration

Food Adulteration Food adulteration with poisonous chemicals has reached a dangerous proportion posing serious health hazards in the country, said experts and government officials yesterday at a discussion jointly organised by The Daily Star and non-government development organisation RDRS Bangladesh. Basic food items on the market like rice, fish, fruits, vegetables, and sweetmeats are adulterated…

Daewoo General Motors International Case

Q 1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a hands-off, decentralized management approach? Advantages of Decentralization Decentralization will not work unless you really delegate both responsibility and authority. This means that the final decisions must be made at that lower level. You just can’t beat a decentralized system. It gets decisions closest to the…

National Institute of Business Management

1. Describe the basic assumptions of Economics. 2. Discuss the vital functions of an economy. 3. Write an essay on the features of capitalist economy. 4. Explain the various assumptions on which all demand schedules are prepared. 5. Write an essay on Localization of Industries. 6. Describe the kinds of price elasticity of demand. 25…

FAN UP Market Analysis and Sales Projections

FAN UP is positioned within the Smartphone Applications Industry. Mobile devices with remote internet capability, smart phones, have created an entirely new market of users that can be reached on the go. Due to the recent nature of Smartphone technology, we are witnessing rapid growth and innovation in the smart phone applications industry. FAN UP…

British Petroleum Analysis

Introduction William Knox D’Arcy founded BP plc, formerly known as British Petroleum, in 1909, they are a global company specializing in oil and gas, headquartered in London, England. BP has continued to grow since its inception, and now employs over 80 thousand people in 70 countries worldwide (Company History,N.D.para1). According to CNN money BP is…

IMpact of industrialisation in indias economy

Industrialization plays a vital role in the economic development of an underdeveloped country. The historical facts reveal that all the developed countries of the world broke the vicious circle of underdevelopment by industrialization. Pakistan being a developing country also wants to achieve higher standard of living for its masses. It has therefore, embarked upon various…

The U.S. Airline Industry

The U.S. airline industry provides a unique service to its customers. It transports people and goods with efficiency and convenience which is not achieved by any other service. The purpose of this article is to collect data on the U.S. airline industry and analyze the state of the industry today. Data came from sources such…

McCall Diesel Motor works (Case study)

INTRODUCTION McCall Diesel Motor Works manufactures a range of diesel engines for use in marine applications, manufacturing plants and agricultural applications. The company has always tried to be progressive in terms of product design and in fact pioneered the development of a particular type of internal combustion engine. Originally, they only manufactured large marine diesel…

Industries in India

Today India is one among the top ten industrial nations of the world. Industrial development has changed India’s economy from under-developed status to developing status. Industries can be classified into various types on the basis of their structure. The two main types are: 1) Manufacturing industries including heavy and light industries. 2) Small-scale and cottage…

Rise of Darkness

For further understanding of the study, the proponents made use of different reading materials related to the study. Related literature and studies go deeper into certain topics and may include small but important details which will help the proponents in understanding better their chosen topic. It also serves as a guide for the proponents when…

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